Friday, 11 May 2012

Useful Scripts For Maya

Wouldn't it be great if they made a 3D application where they don't have to rely on other people to sort out it's problems?

To make this project as efficient as possible I have downloaded a bunch of really useful scripts for Maya that I think every artist using Maya should have saved to there shelf.

1. File Texture Manager - Great for organising your texture files in Maya. You can set the path of all files or just selected files. You can even change the texture size and format inside of Maya for a more organized scene.

2. Deo's Reload Textures - Having to constantly reload every texture file that you change in Maya is frustrating and time consuming. You could just set the path inside of File Texture Manager but if this is saved to the shelf it's just a one click job :)

3. spPaint3D - A very easy way of duplicating or instancing objects and painting them on a target surface. You can do this inside of Maya but it is very buggy and generally pretty rubbish to use. This script gives you a lot of control but is also kept very simple.

4. Rivet - A simple script to create a rivet that will constrain itself to a target surface. You can then parent an object to this to have it follow it.

5. Rename Tool - This is possibly my favourite tool. It's pretty obvious what it does. I have to have a clean scene with everyone named correctly. Get it!

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