Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tent Fire Finished - Maya Fluids

Here is my final test render of the tent fire in Maya. I had some feedback from my tutor saying there wasn't enough detail around the edges ... it was generally all too smooth. To fix this I animated a texture into the fluids to give it a lot of depth and created a general turbulance in the fire.

There are still some final tweaks I would like to make before rendering and that will just involve slowing the texture speed down very slightly but overall I am happy with the result :) Below are some of the improvements I made since that last post.

 Here I have created a texture and creating an expression to animate the texture. I found that to get the right result I had to animate the texture in a negative direction to the fire.

I wanted a bit of variety in the density/voxel/sec of the main emitter so I set 4 keys and used the post cycle feature to keep this infinate.

I have done two things here. First I have imrpoved the incandescence of the FluidShape, mainly effecting the smoke. Also by default, MentalRay doesnt render the shadows very well. The shadows seemed to be solid black and unafected by the properties of the light so I changed the Shadow Method to Segments which improved it a lot but made the render time very slow.

 Finally I just animated the magnitude and the direction of the wind, much the same as how I animated the Fluid Emitter earlier.


 Along the way I rendered out a few tests if you would like the see my progress. There are still some things I would like to take further in the future ... at the moment it feels like there is something slightly stronger than just the material driving the fire, oil for example so I would like to make a fire that is a lot calmer.

I would also like to find a way to animate the texture so it changed direction at certain points, for example if the wind is blowing the fire half way up then the texture would have to move side ways at that specific point in time. Maybe there is just a more complex expression you need to write to achieve this effect.


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