Monday, 5 March 2012

Who ate all the pies?

Barbarian time! Here's my second character for the project. He's a little simpler and was much quicker to build. 

 This barbarians main feature will be the amount of fur he covers himself in. I have done a very quick test where I have slapped on some Maya Fur but I will concentrate more on this very soon. After having experience with Fur from the last character I feel quite confident I can do this pretty quick (really shouldn't have said that...)

I spent a while trying to get this helmet looking cool. I didn't go into enough detail in my turnarounds which has slowed me down slightly so I took a while modelling the face guard. 

Finally just a quite screenshot of the sculpting in Zbrush. I have finished getting the basic sculpting and most of the detailed sculpting in his face, I just have to go over it with the really fine detail such as skin pores etc

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