Monday, 26 March 2012

Maya Fluids - Large Flre WIP

 Now I got the basics sorted I wanted to move onto something more advanced. I want to create a fire on a tent, I want it to raise and produce a lot of smoke and I want it reacting with some wind. I am going to do this in a slightly different approach to how I did the flaming arrow.

I started the same way with a 3D container but I created my own emitter from a curve which I snapped along the tent.

I played around with the settings for a while to get a nice dynamic simulation with some cool swirls and added some self shadowing.

I then made an air field and hooked it up to the simulation via the dynamic relationship editor.

This is where the main difference comes in. i turned the Temperature and the Fuel off so the emitter only creates density. This will now become just the smoke and not the fire. 

To get the fire I had to duplicate the curve and assign a new emitter that had no density, but it had Temp and Fuel set to Dynamic. This fuel creates a reaction with the density to make the temperature raise up. Pretty cool?

From here on there was so many parameters to play with and tests I had to do I thought it would be much more efficient if I screen captured myself and added a few comments here and there.

This is still a WIP. I intend to get a better reaction with the air field and possibly looking into driving the simulation with a 2d texture, animating that texture and concentrate more on the shading of the flames. I also intend to create variations of the fire so it won't be repetitive in the film.

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