Monday, 26 March 2012

Maya Fluids - Flaming Arrow WIP

 I've played around with Maya Fluids before creating a realistic flame but I've never managed to get good results. From watching tutorials and trying out different setting I now have the knowlage to try and get something pretty realistic. My first attempt was on this arrow.

 First I had to look at reference. Here is 2 pretty good images (obviously I looked at a lot more, including how fire moves)

So I started by making a simple 3D container with an emitter.

 I then added more swirl and turbulance to the density

 I raised to buoyancy and the temperature scale

 I lowered the diffusion and dissipation of the density

 To make that big jump to get this flame I increased the Density/Voxel/Sec, the Heat/Voxel/Sec in the emitter tab and edited the Incandescence colour to make it really stand out (more on the incandescene below)

 This is the same test but with the render interpolater set to Smooth. It didn't make much of a difference but there is some smoothness to the flame.

 Here I just want to show you how I got the Incadescence right. By adding different colours to the incandescene ramp you can get various effects.

This can be further modified with the Inpout Bias slider which, when used with the Opactity slider as well, can create various different effects. This took the most time to play about with.

Realistically the flame wouldn't be coming out of a small emitter, it would be coming of some sort of cloth wraps around the start of the arrow shaft. To do this I created a cylinder and chose the Emit from Object setting and also the Extend Fluid Option to give me a bigger space to work with.

This is still a WIP. I intend to add an Air field to act as wind which will make the arrow look like it shooting through the air.

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