Monday, 5 March 2012

Commander Update: GRAHM

So here he is :) I'm liking the way he is looking at the moment. Unfortunately the texturing isn't done yet which is a shame as that would be cool to see but I should be getting on that pretty soon.

 If you're wondering what Grahm is referring to, well that's his name! Kyle Chapman is in the process of writing a short novel based on the 'Night of Fire' project. So far the story is excellent so I can't wait for that to be complete!

Here's the shield I made for Grahm today. It's quite basic but will have some more detail on the front which will be included in the textures. 

This is the start of the rig for the character. Our riggers name is Lee Dunham and so far he has done a fantastic job rigging and generally helping us out with some of the technical aspects such as referencing animation into different scenes. This rig will be done very soon so I will be able to post a posed character then!

Please let me know what you think of the character so far, would be much appreciated :)

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