Monday, 26 March 2012

Maya nCloth - Flag - WIP

Here's a quick render of my flag using nCloth. There's not much to write about here as I will be doing a more in depth video on how I created it as soon as I have finished the final simulation. Hope you enjoy.

Maya Fluids - Large Flre WIP

 Now I got the basics sorted I wanted to move onto something more advanced. I want to create a fire on a tent, I want it to raise and produce a lot of smoke and I want it reacting with some wind. I am going to do this in a slightly different approach to how I did the flaming arrow.

I started the same way with a 3D container but I created my own emitter from a curve which I snapped along the tent.

I played around with the settings for a while to get a nice dynamic simulation with some cool swirls and added some self shadowing.

I then made an air field and hooked it up to the simulation via the dynamic relationship editor.

This is where the main difference comes in. i turned the Temperature and the Fuel off so the emitter only creates density. This will now become just the smoke and not the fire. 

To get the fire I had to duplicate the curve and assign a new emitter that had no density, but it had Temp and Fuel set to Dynamic. This fuel creates a reaction with the density to make the temperature raise up. Pretty cool?

From here on there was so many parameters to play with and tests I had to do I thought it would be much more efficient if I screen captured myself and added a few comments here and there.

This is still a WIP. I intend to get a better reaction with the air field and possibly looking into driving the simulation with a 2d texture, animating that texture and concentrate more on the shading of the flames. I also intend to create variations of the fire so it won't be repetitive in the film.

Maya Fluids - Flaming Arrow WIP

 I've played around with Maya Fluids before creating a realistic flame but I've never managed to get good results. From watching tutorials and trying out different setting I now have the knowlage to try and get something pretty realistic. My first attempt was on this arrow.

 First I had to look at reference. Here is 2 pretty good images (obviously I looked at a lot more, including how fire moves)

So I started by making a simple 3D container with an emitter.

 I then added more swirl and turbulance to the density

 I raised to buoyancy and the temperature scale

 I lowered the diffusion and dissipation of the density

 To make that big jump to get this flame I increased the Density/Voxel/Sec, the Heat/Voxel/Sec in the emitter tab and edited the Incandescence colour to make it really stand out (more on the incandescene below)

 This is the same test but with the render interpolater set to Smooth. It didn't make much of a difference but there is some smoothness to the flame.

 Here I just want to show you how I got the Incadescence right. By adding different colours to the incandescene ramp you can get various effects.

This can be further modified with the Inpout Bias slider which, when used with the Opactity slider as well, can create various different effects. This took the most time to play about with.

Realistically the flame wouldn't be coming out of a small emitter, it would be coming of some sort of cloth wraps around the start of the arrow shaft. To do this I created a cylinder and chose the Emit from Object setting and also the Extend Fluid Option to give me a bigger space to work with.

This is still a WIP. I intend to add an Air field to act as wind which will make the arrow look like it shooting through the air.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rigging with The Setup Machine

I found rigging to be a very difficult process as it is something I have never really had much experience with. I found this rig to be very complex as the character has a lot of extra bits that require more bones like the armour and the belts ect. I will keep this post short and sweet :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ultimate Image

 For my business class I was asked to produce an 'ultimate image' to represent my work. Thankfully the rigs were done for my character so I could pose him nicely. The second image is just something I put together afterwards (apart from it being full of mistakes and having the character look like he's slightly special ;] it will do) I hope you enjoy.

Location spotting in the Brecon Beacons

Night of Fire created a lot of interest with the VFX group so we were approached by them and then made plans to create a short VFX film along side the pre-rendered cinematic. We came up with an idea that would involve intergrating a CG character (the dragon) with a real actor. 

The storyboard we made involved a barbarian type warrior being chased on some mountain by the dragon until he ends up having no choice but to fight.

We found an excellent viking costume that could be made to measure and found a great location up in the Brecon Beacons. We needed a sort of mount that the warrior could take cover behind to get away from the dragon and we think we found some good spots.

Unfortunately this project was cancelled which is unfortunate as it could have been awesome!


Monday, 5 March 2012

Who ate all the pies?

Barbarian time! Here's my second character for the project. He's a little simpler and was much quicker to build. 

 This barbarians main feature will be the amount of fur he covers himself in. I have done a very quick test where I have slapped on some Maya Fur but I will concentrate more on this very soon. After having experience with Fur from the last character I feel quite confident I can do this pretty quick (really shouldn't have said that...)

I spent a while trying to get this helmet looking cool. I didn't go into enough detail in my turnarounds which has slowed me down slightly so I took a while modelling the face guard. 

Finally just a quite screenshot of the sculpting in Zbrush. I have finished getting the basic sculpting and most of the detailed sculpting in his face, I just have to go over it with the really fine detail such as skin pores etc

Commander Update: GRAHM

So here he is :) I'm liking the way he is looking at the moment. Unfortunately the texturing isn't done yet which is a shame as that would be cool to see but I should be getting on that pretty soon.

 If you're wondering what Grahm is referring to, well that's his name! Kyle Chapman is in the process of writing a short novel based on the 'Night of Fire' project. So far the story is excellent so I can't wait for that to be complete!

Here's the shield I made for Grahm today. It's quite basic but will have some more detail on the front which will be included in the textures. 

This is the start of the rig for the character. Our riggers name is Lee Dunham and so far he has done a fantastic job rigging and generally helping us out with some of the technical aspects such as referencing animation into different scenes. This rig will be done very soon so I will be able to post a posed character then!

Please let me know what you think of the character so far, would be much appreciated :)