Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Why NOT to use Fur for a realistic head of hair

 Hey guys here is a post about how I used Maya's Fur to make the hair and I'll explain why it isn't a great idea if you want to make the hair look realistic. Especially if you want to make the hair medium to long length.

Thinking Fur was an easy way of making hair, I first duplicated the faces of the head to make the scalp (the reason I did this was because I couldnt find a way to apply the hair just to his head, instead it was covering his whole face making him look like Big Foot)

I applied a simple Fur preset and this is what I got. Only half of the head is shwoing hair in the viewport now and I have got some crazy bald hairline going through the middle of the head. After days of trying to figure this out I realised that the head wasn't unwrapped! If you want Fur or Hair to work your surface MUST BE UNWRAPPED IN 0 TO 1 SPACE!!!

 Because of the silly mop head look I got, I played around with the settings. I made the hair shorter, changed the Polar and inclination to force the hair downwards and got this result. 

 To try and avoid the horribly perfect hair line in the image above I further experimented with the Polar and Inclination so it's coming forward slightly and I also made it a lot thicker. You might be thinking the result I got below looks half decent but infact, if I rendered this it wouldn't look right. The reason being because I couldn't get it to move with the head and also because I didn't know how to get it to react with forces and collide with the head.

After reasearchign the advantages and disadvantages of using both Hair and Fur I decided to scrap this method and start from scratch with Hair. I found Hair gives you a lot more control on the style and how it reacts to wind.

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