Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Creating Hair from curves in Maya

So my Fur didn't work out so great. I now tried out Maya's Hair feature. I started the same way by creating a new set of polys to act as the scalp.

There are two ways to make hair (at this point in time I only knew about one way, and as I find out later it's not the best way to do this if you want to make it dynamic but great if you want just a still shot) So I started by making a lod of curves that follow the head shape. To do this I just draw along the scalp with the CV Curve Tool. I then added a few random curves in between. 

 Once that is done I went to dynamics > Hair > Assign Hair System > New Hair System.

 I then went and selected the scalp and Hair > Create Hair and then placed the hairs to the new hair system that I just made. Usually you would just create hairs and go from there but because I created teh curves first and wanted the hair to follow those curves I had to first assign a hair system to the curves. 

You will then get something that looks like this. This is where I spent most of my time wondering why there is two types of hair systems here. If you look at my Outliner Maya has created a bunch of hairs following the curves I made but it has also created an entirely new set of follicles pointing out around the head. To get rid of these I had to delete the HairSystem2Follicles and leave the HairSystem2OutputCurves

This is the result with some minor tweaks to the attributes. Not that impressive but hey, I can finally say I have created hair!!

 To make the hair look more realistic I had to tweak the curves I originally made. I deleted a few of the random ones that start half way down the hair, this made it look very patchy in places. I then edited the directions of the curves by going into Componant Mode and soft selecting the points and using the translate, rotate and scale tools to alter them.

 Now I have a much more realistic look that acts similair to real hair. It follows the ear around to the back of the head and has a nice side fringe at the front.

 The only problem I had here is again I couldn't seem to get it to react to wind or even collide with the head. I also thought that the hair is looking quite long and quite soft so it would need some very accurate dynamics if I wanted to make it look realistic. If I could make the hair slightly shorter, more clumpier and a bit curlier then the hair wouldn't react to wind as much. Time to start this again from scratch ....

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