Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Character Designs

The Commander
The Barbarian

I have given the Commander some steel layered armour which might be harder to rig/animate but I think it will look great. I didn't want to go over the top so instead of chain mail underneath he has cloth. The cape is a sign of leadership and will be made from nCloth. His weapon is a one handed long sword with a serpent tail wrapping around the handle ... I realise this would be extremely uncomfortable but hey, it looks cool :) I might consider extending the handle so he has the option of using two hands.

Commander Turnaround

Commander's Sword

For the Barbarian I wanted him to be totally covered in fur. His main feature will be his oversized fur cape and his long white straight beard. His weapon is huge so I didn't want to weigh him down more with lots of metal armour. 

Barbarian Turnaround

Barbarian Warhammer

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