Sunday, 22 January 2012

A scary looking knight with my dads haircut.

Ok so just I have just slapped on a simple metal material to make my character look a bit more 'developed'. I have played around with the fur feature in Maya to get a half decent head of hair but it needs a lot of work doing to it, especially if I want to animate it!

Most of the geometry is done just a scabbard left to do before I take it into Zbrush (Yes I am behind schedule) :(

I have also done some tests with nCloth for the cape and the tabbard but that needs a lot more attention before I post a picture. The tabbard might not be something I can do now simply because of trying to get it to animate underneath the tasset. 

I have also made a pretty decent looking eye but I'll save that for the next post which will be within the next few days!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Forging Steel ...

Just a quick update on where I am with my Commander. I'm starting in Maya for this as it is a lot of hard surface modelling which I find much easier to do here as apposed to Zbrush. The hardest part I have come across is giving the armour some thickness and making it rest on top of each other without letting it intersect with the cloth and other armour.

My next stage will be to model the head and its ready for a basic rig to give to the animators. This will be done with Setup Machine in Maya because of how quick and easy it is to use.

Character Designs

The Commander
The Barbarian

I have given the Commander some steel layered armour which might be harder to rig/animate but I think it will look great. I didn't want to go over the top so instead of chain mail underneath he has cloth. The cape is a sign of leadership and will be made from nCloth. His weapon is a one handed long sword with a serpent tail wrapping around the handle ... I realise this would be extremely uncomfortable but hey, it looks cool :) I might consider extending the handle so he has the option of using two hands.

Commander Turnaround

Commander's Sword

For the Barbarian I wanted him to be totally covered in fur. His main feature will be his oversized fur cape and his long white straight beard. His weapon is huge so I didn't want to weigh him down more with lots of metal armour. 

Barbarian Turnaround

Barbarian Warhammer

Monday, 2 January 2012

Cinematic Environment Designs

 Here's just some initial designs of the layout for the environment. 

Designs 01

Designs 02