Friday, 2 December 2011

The Colonel's Face

Here's an update of the model with more sculpting to the face and body and a diffuse and specular map applied. The sculpting on the face is set to level 4 were the only thing left to sculpt was the small pores and finer wrinkles. Creating the diffuse map was quite a challenge as I was trying to match the photo reference as closely as possible.

I started by projecting the front of the real characters face but due to the image angle only a small portion of that image was able to transfer without any stretching. So I used various Photoshop brushes and techniques to create an aged looking skin.

The specular was a lot easier. I started off by painting it on in Mudbox however I wasn't satisfied with the result so I took that into Photoshop and used it as a guide to paint a better quality map. I also created another specular map ready for some Sub Surface Scattering (But I'll talk about that when I come to doing it!)

So the ultra shiny buttons and badges ect need some work doing to it, and so does ... well pretty much everything else. I hope you like the model so far and I'll update soon with some more textures for the whole body. See ya!

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