Friday, 2 December 2011

The Colonel's Face

Here's an update of the model with more sculpting to the face and body and a diffuse and specular map applied. The sculpting on the face is set to level 4 were the only thing left to sculpt was the small pores and finer wrinkles. Creating the diffuse map was quite a challenge as I was trying to match the photo reference as closely as possible.

I started by projecting the front of the real characters face but due to the image angle only a small portion of that image was able to transfer without any stretching. So I used various Photoshop brushes and techniques to create an aged looking skin.

The specular was a lot easier. I started off by painting it on in Mudbox however I wasn't satisfied with the result so I took that into Photoshop and used it as a guide to paint a better quality map. I also created another specular map ready for some Sub Surface Scattering (But I'll talk about that when I come to doing it!)

So the ultra shiny buttons and badges ect need some work doing to it, and so does ... well pretty much everything else. I hope you like the model so far and I'll update soon with some more textures for the whole body. See ya!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Here's a quickie ;)

Just a quick one to show you my next stage. I have sculpted just just the basic mesh here and have gone up to 2 levels in the face. I have just added some basic Mudbox textures to get a feel of what the result will look like.

'Fracking' Character Project

Ahem, excuse the language in the title, I'm not taking out my anger out on Blogspot posts I promise, it's simply related to the one man that can make ANY sentence epic by throwing that word in there. Incase you haven't guessed it's Colonel Tigh from Battlestar Gallactica! 

So this is my first real attempt of making a realistic character. Previously I have made a character but it had a more stylistic cartoony look about it any to be honest ... I just didn't have a clue about modelling back then!

My goal for this project is to create a character and make the modelling and texturing as realistic as possible within the timescale of 3 weeks. I'm going to be modelling in Maya and sculpting in Mudbox and I'm going to try and experiment with more advanced methods of creating realism with things like Sub Surface Scattering, Displacement/Normal maps, Z-Depth maps and for some realism in the hair I'm going to attempt to use the Fur feature in Maya.

 Above is my first test render in Maya. I have done most of the low poly modelling and have just left the extra little bits like the badges and the belt ect until later on. I unwrapped the model in Roadkill which seems to be the best programme out there at the moment for unwrapping (There is a programme called HeadusUVLayout which when I tested, was AWESOME. Well ... awesome until I found out you can't actually save the file unless you buy it!)

The image above shows you the topology of the character. At point I have taken it into Mudbox ready for sculpting. If anyone wants to know my methos of modelling the head then I followed this great book called 'Stop Starring'. It provides you with detailed steps in created different parts of the face from planes and then stitching them together. It' very easy, but the downfall is that you are basically modelling from hi(ish) poly mesh and therefore you will have to spend longer on getting the general shape of the head right.

That's it for now until I get some more sculpting done!

(I promise not all of the posts will be this long)