Monday, 17 October 2011

Quick update ...

Ok so it's getting along nicely. There doesn't seem to be much difference from my last post but I have done most of the unwrapping which, in Maya, was painful. So it's almost time to texture and make this thing look 'realistic'. I quickly made some small props to fill up the scene as well, just some plant pots (which you seem to find everywhere in your typical Italian street scene) I have also changed my design slightly from my turnaround by adding that balcony on top of the arch. I thought it would look a lot more interesting that way. Hopefully I can get this texturing done within a few days so I can play around with the lighting a bit better.


  1. Looking good, brickwork next?

  2. Cheers Kyle, yes the brick work is next. That's what I'm currently doing although I'm finding it very time consuming because of displacement and normal maps in Maya. I'll post an update with some textures on it on Sunday no doubt.