Monday, 10 October 2011

3rd Year Maya Environment Project

So i'm now in my 3rd year and have been set my first project. Environments in Maya! Brilliant. Over the summer I have had some practice in using Maya and created a small environment just so I know the basics ready for this project.

I initially wanted to create a sort of boat house or maybe a country house by the side of a lake. I was very excited to create lots of water, trees and grass and all that type of stuff but when it came down to it I thought it would prove quite time consuming and I didn't think I could get amazing results (Mainly because of the trees, I didn't like the idea of using PaintFX as the results are not that great and creating loads of trees from scratch would have been too time consuming)

So this brings me to my final idea. I am going to create a smaller environment, based in Italy. It will be the classic cobbled streets with a small coffee shop or pizzeria and lots of little plants dotted around the place. The picture above is just a quick mock up I did in Maya just to help me get a mental image of what the final render could look like. I'll keep posting updates and hopefully...won't talk so much!

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